SNSD Seohyun Crying When Seeing “Dangerous Boys’ Show

Girl’s Generation Seohyun public attention brought to tears after a performance.

More recently, an online community sharing board photograph with the caption, ‘Seouhyun cry when watching the Secret Hour’.

These photographs were reportedly taken on February 5, when the Girl’s Generation attended the dance contest ‘Secret Hour’ in support of the five ‘dangerous boys’ them.Girl’s Generation 5 mentor for troubled youth for JTBC show, “SNSD and the Dangerous Boys’.

Since the first episode, the boys have been working hard to compete in a dance competition ‘Secret Hour’. Although these young men did not know anything about dance, they keep working hard, practicing every day, and showed signs of progress. In the end, Seohyun touched and cried when she saw the hard work these young men paid.

Netizen commented, ” Not only beautiful outside, but he had a beautiful heart as well “,”Even when she cries, she looks like an angel “, and” Seohyun seemed to have a pure heart and innocent. ”

source: allkpop
Posted by : salsaholiq@ggeegee

One response to “SNSD Seohyun Crying When Seeing “Dangerous Boys’ Show

  1. Ohhh.. God ~_~
    Why Am I cryin’ ?????? =_<
    Aaaaa…coz I know… I never gonna get a chance to Meet this Pure Heart Girl…
    SeoBaby Fighting.. SNSD Fighting. ( \/ )
    \ /

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