120203 Sunny Featured in Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo’s ‘사랑해 사랑해’ (‘I Love You I Love You’)

On January 27th, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny made a surprise appearance in a teaser released for Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo’s first solo album. Miryo’s mini-album has recently been unveiled, and contains a song featuring Sunny, entitled “사랑해 사랑해” (“I Love You I Love You”). The song is a powerful collaboration, in which Sunny adds her smooth vocals as a contrast to Miryo’s fierce rap.

Jae Ik Cho, music business director of Nega Network (music label for Brown Eyed Girls), took the time to thank and compliment Sunny through his Twitter account for her contribution to the song. His message read: “Oh and my sincere thanks to Sunny, who managed to find the time to practice the song to perfection despite her international promotions, shocking the composer by knowing exactly the type of emotion that the song needed~^^ As expected of Girls’ Generation!!”

Source: MelOn, J_COOOL@twitter.com
Written by: bhost909@soshified, taengsoshi@soshified

posted by : SalsaHoliq@ggeegee


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