Girls’ Generation Leaves New Year’s Wishes for SONEs

As is becoming a tradition, Girls’ Generation members have once again left New Year’s greetings for SONEs on their official website. Each girl left “Happy New Year” wishes in their messages, as well as what they hope their fans will get in 2012.

Taeyeon: Going to make everything! Mine this year! Always hang in there^^ Hwaitaeng

Jessica: Have a ve~ry happy new year~ Let’s spend 2012 together too

Tiffany: I will pray that you have a happy and healthy 2012 year^^ Give SNSD lots of love next year, too

Hyoyeon: 2012!! Get lots of good fortune! And have a happy new year! ^.^

Yuri: It’s 2012. Have a happy new year, full of happiness, full of thoughts of Girls’ Generation


Sooyoung: May 2012 be full of good things. Happy new year

Yoona: Everyone~ have a happy new year, and become rich!! Another new year with Girls’ Generation

Seohyun: I hope you can make it a great year by making everything~ you plan come true~! Happy new year

Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified, minigiglo@soshified
Edited by: resbenchwarmer@soshified

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