[For SONEs] Kim Taeyeon – a leader who truly touched me:

There’s a word in Korean called ‘덕후 (deoku)’, a word originated from Japanese word ‘Otaku’. When some people like something til they are sick, people call them ‘XX-deok’.
Sones are often called ‘소덕’ (So-deok), meaning people who are obsessed with SNSD, staying at home spazzing abt them everyday. Some sones call themselves ‘소덕’ because they admit that they are indeed obsessed with SNSD, and they feel nothing about it.

However, Taeyeon has been showing discontentment whenever people use this name to describe sones. She considers this a offensive word, and have reminded people a lot of times about its abuse.

Today on Radio Star, the MC once again mentioned that sones are ‘So-deok’, Taeyeon immediately said that ‘It’s not a nice word’, she was so serious that the MC apologized and promised not to use it again.

Whether this word is rude or not doesn’t matter, what touched me is how Taeyeon tries to protect her fans and how much she cares for us, even emphasizing on how people should address us.
She thinks about sones more than anyone does, asking fans if they’ve eaten their lunch/dinner whenever she has chance, asking everyone to take care of their health even though she falls sick more often than us.

Her unhappiness about the word ‘So-deok’ is once again an indication of her carefulness and tender heart. This is indeed the best leader in the universe, someone we should cherish forever.
(c) imwhywhy

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