Lee Seung Gi, “So excited about SNSD’s Yoona I could die”

Singer Lee Seung Gi publicly admitted that he was excited to have SNSD‘s Yoona guest-star on ‘Strong Heart‘.

On the episode that aired on the 8th, some of the members of SNSD graced the set with their presence. Member Yoona, whom MC Lee Seung Gi has labeled his ideal woman for the third consecutive year was one of them.

The other guests who were on the program teased Seung Gi, asking him if he was that excited to have her on the show, and the MC witfully responded, “I’m so excited that I could die“, which caused the set to explode into laughter.

He stated, “I was really worried when Yoona told me she was going to be on the program.”

Yeah, he seemed really concerned when I told him I would be on ‘Strong Heart’,” Yoona began. “Most likely because I talk about the most random things that usually leaves people dumfounded,” Yoona remarked, offering some comic relief.

Entertainer Boom remarked, “When Yoona talks, everyone always gets so serious,” causing more laughter on set.

Yoona recently garnered attention for admitting that she likes guys that caress her hair or call her cute.

Source & Image: TVReport via Nate

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