111108 Showa Jidai is back with ‘Mr. Taxi

Japanese dance cover group Showa Jidai who once did a funny cover of ‘Gee’ is now back with their parody of ‘Mr.Taxi’.
Japanese idol group, SMAP’s leader Nakai Masahiro and his parody group, Showa Jidai performed Girls’ Generation’s ‘Mr.Taxi’ on Fuji TV’s ‘SMAPXSMAP’ aired on November 7th.
Including Nakai Masahiro himself, Showa Jidai which consists of middle-age members in their 30s and 40s, were clad in Girls’ Generation’s ‘Mr.Taxi’ costume and completed their performance successfully, much to the amusement of the Japanese viewers.
During their performance, Nakai Masahiro particularly, caught the attention of the viewers with his dance and bald headed appearance. Nonetheless, the bouncing bellies of the members behind him gave the viewers a good laugh as well.
Japanese netizens who saw the broadcast commented, “I had a good laugh just by looking at them but with the dance, I laughed even more”, “Nakai Masahiro’s expressionless face was really funny. I think Girls’ Generation would enjoy watching this”, “After ‘Gee’, they did a parody of ‘Mr.Taxi’. I could never thought of it”.
You can watch the parody at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vMNlaZRex0 !
Credit: tvdaily.co.kr
from fanwonder.com

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