111108 Invincible Youth 2 goes to fishing village. The mission: Make girl groups into fishers!

KBS 2TV ‘The Invincible Youth 2’ is trying to make fishing girl groups
The Invincible Youth 2 that will be broadcasted on the 12th will take place in a fishing village in Ansan, Kyunggido province. Season 1 of this program took place in the village of Yuchiri where the casts harvested their own vegetables, fruits, rice, etc. to show the unique life in the farming village.
The season one member, Goo Hara, drove the rice planter by herself and attempted to get her own tractor license, which gained a lot of attention.
when it was revealed that Invincible Youth will take place in the fishing village the most frequent question that the future viewers asked was ‘What will the Girl Group’s tasks be?’ The people wondered how the Girl Groups will portrayed the life of fishers.
According to the producers, the Girl Groups will become fishers. Not only will they catch fish but attempt various fishing industrial activities to show authenticity to the viewers.
Kim Hosang Producer stated on ‘Star News’ that the main focus of Season two will be training the girls to become fishers. They will experience fishing and other activities that are suitable in a fishing village.
G8 members will fish in the coast and also run their own fisheries.
Kim PD also said the viewers will see the development of the girl groups over the course of an year as they adapt in this new environment.
Just like season 1, the idols will harvest and raise animals in season 2 as well. The G8 members will attempt to cook an organic meal, made from the scratch by themselves.
Also, the idols will raise cows, dogs and other domestic animals. This season, a mule will be raised along with other animals. Such was possible due to the existence of a mule farm near the idol residence. Stables for the animals are currently under construction.
The casts of ‘The Invincible Youth 2’ are Girl’s Generation members Sunny, Hyoyeon, KARA member Kang Jiyoung, f(x) member Amber, Miss A member Suzy, Rainbow member So Wori, Sistar member Bora, and Jewelry member Yewon.
Translation by Jamie Oh (TSS/MGG)

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