“Little Yoona & Taeyang” appear on Strong Heart

Veteran actress Song Chae Hwan guest-starred on the November 8th episode of SBS Strong Heart‘ and introduced her two kids.

The actress revealed that she had given birth to both of her two children in water, after hearing that it was good for the baby.

She revealed, “I gave birth to my first daughter like that, and people told me she was ugly when she was born. Even my own mother told me she was ugly.”

After sharing her story, she called in her two children and introduced them to everyone on set, and everyone was shocked once they made their appearance.

Her daughter Park Soul resembled SNSD‘s Yoona, and her son Park Yesung resembled Big Bang‘sTaeyang– neither one of them were ugly in the least.

The two ended the show by exclaiming, “Strong Heart, every Tuesday night!”, which caused everyone on set to laugh warm-heartedly.

Also appearing on this episode were SNSD’s Taeyeon, Yuri, and Tiffany, as well as Seo Kyung SukSon Ho YoungKim Ji Hyun, Lee HongkiChin Sae YeonSah YuriLee Byung Jin, Kim Young ChulKim Hyo JinJung JooriCho Chung Rin, and Boom.

Source & Image: TVDaily via Nate

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