111107 Wonder Girls′ Sun Calls Girls’ Generation Partners

With the Wonder Girls returning to Korea, many are chattering excitedly about the supposed rivalry between Girls′ Generation and Wonder Girls – but is it really something to be talking about?
Wonder Girls emphasized that people shouldn’t be concentrating on the group’s rivalry with Girls’ Generation, but more on the diverse music produced by the two groups.
In a recent interview with enews, Wonder Girls first revealed their thoughts on its competition with Girls’ Generation. Wonder Girls released its second studio album on November 7 and picked up where it left off in Korea a year and a half ago. Coincidentally, the group’s comeback falls in the middle of Girls’ Generation’s promotion for its own third studio album, The Boys.
“All of the members of Girls’ Generation are very pretty. They’re all cool onstage and when they’re on variety shows, they’re entertaining,” said the group leader, Sun. “Actually, we don’t have any members who are so great with words or can entertain on variety shows, so we’re envious of those skills.”
“Actually, when we see their different colors, they push us on in many different ways. We’ve never promoted our songs at the same time; this is the first time,” added Sun. “It’s probably much fun to pitch us against them in a rivalry, but now, since K-Pop is becoming ever more popular around the world, we hope both groups grow together as partners rather than competitors as fellow girl groups who do idol music.”
“In that sense, Girls’ Generation is our partner, but just with a different name,” said Sun. “We’re especially thankful to Girls’ Generation because they’re singers who can satisfy what we can’t. I hope we can come together in a good stage at the end of the year and wrap up this year with a festival and music.”
When it was pointed out that in a competition there can’t be two winners, Sun said with confidence, “There’s nothing else to it than to do our best in every performance. Fortunately, we’ve done music that’s easy for everyone to enjoy. We believe it will be that way this time also.”
Wonder Girls released its second studio album Wonder World on November 7, and will be promoting its first single cutBe My Baby. The sensual dance routines for Be My Baby were put together by Jonte, the choreographer for Beyonce’sSingle Lady.
Photo credit: JYP Entertainment
from : enewsworld.com

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