111107 WheeSung wishes to meet Girls’ Generation during his military service

WheeSung begins his 2-year military service on November 7th at Nonsan Military Training Centre in Chungnam. He will be receiving 5 weeks of basic military training before going on to serve as a serviceman for the next 23 months.
Before entering the camp, WheeSung said to his fans who came to see him off, “Doing military service is like an opportunity to begin living a second life. Just wait for another 2 years. I will return your love and support with good music”.
He added, “I am close with Sunny. I am looking forward to meeting Girls’ Generation. It would be great if they could come over to meet me once and I will definitely return them the favor later”.
Besides his fans, veteran singer Tae JinAh and Kim Taewoo, who had a joint-performance with WheeSung on November 5th and 6th were also present to send him off to his military service.
Credit: sportsseoul.com
from fanwonder.com

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