111009 SNSD’s Sooyoung and Yuri enjoy a lunch date after class

On October 9th, fans discovered a thoughtful message left by SNSD‘s Yuri and Sooyoung at a restaurant near their college campus.
Uploaded onto an online community message board, the caption read, “Sooyoung and Yuri recently left a caring message at a restaurant in front of their school.”
Yuri’s message reads, “Enjoyed my youth while eating potatoes and fried rice with Sooyoung.. Don’t doze off in the middle of class!” Sooyoung wrote, “Nom nom nom on potatoes after class. Enjoyed our time at a campus full of youth and romantic fantasies.. Yuri dozes off in class.”
Netizens commented, “They must be enjoying their school life”, “That school is going to be so popular”, “They must be attending school diligently”, “I want to attend class with them”, and “They have nice handwriting.”
Source + Photos: Star N News via Naver, Allkpop

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